22 Nov

It was my second year as a teacher, mainstream secondary music, year 7 and it’s their first lesson. It’s the first week of my new job, I have tried hard to make the classroom inviting and stimulating. I decide that a practical lesson is the way forward – make it fun, exciting, engaging; I’m feeling positive. I wait patiently, they all file in; sit down at tables facing me. One girl is still wearing her coat, only one. She sits calmly one row from the front, facing me and smiling gently, long, dark shiny hair, with a black streak running through.
‘coat off please’ I ask her trying to make eye contact.
Her smile remains constant, she doesn’t move, still staring ahead somewhere into the space just to the left of me.
‘coat please’ I repeat.
She still doesn’t move, but her smile remains.
‘please don’t ignore me, coat OFF’ I say, in a stern voice, becoming a little irritated.
‘miss, she’s blind’ the girl sat beside her explains. Silence fills the room, and the class all remain staring at me.  

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