The man from the fayre – a snapshot into a life.

25 Nov

I received an unexpected phone call. A new student. No file, no background, nothing. Lived with Dad, who seemed willing to co-operate and do the best he could. Jamie seemed like a typical teenager but was into things he shouldn’t be. We had him for a few months, that was all.
It turned out Dad wasn’t Dad after all. Jamie’s parents actually lived in another county, still happily married. Jamie’s ‘Dad’ was the ex-affair his mother had. It is unbelievable to think that he actually tried so hard with Jamie, considering he had no maternal connections. Sadly though, Jamie was getting into trouble with the police too much.  I discovered this revealed a pattern. Jamie was then sent away. ‘Dad’ didn’t need the stress any more. Unfortunately though, neither did mum. So Jamie was ‘pass the human parcel’. I only knew him a few short weeks but this was enough to make me extremely angry. How dare parents treat young people, THEIR CHILDREN in this way? How on earth must Jamie feel knowing that even his parents, even his mums ex didn’t want him! No wonder he was angry at society, angry at everyone. I wondered if Jamie actually got an education at all, or was he simply ‘lost in the system’ in between two counties.
Jamie happened to pass by the school some 4 or 5 years later. He stopped at the doors to talk to some students, recognised me and said ‘hello I’m Jamie, I bet you don’t remember me do you?’ None of the staff did, his visit had been too brief.
To his surprise I did. I remembered. I remember you all, you are all special to me no matter who you were.

One Response to “The man from the fayre – a snapshot into a life.”

  1. nuuutymel November 26, 2010 at 20:46 #

    please note, i do realise that being a parent of a special needs child is a very tough job. I am also aware that support in this area is sadly lacking. My frustrations in this instance were that with the child being passed between counties it would be easy to 'lose him in the system' – the systems fault, not the parent's, The parents did not once indicate that they needed assistance, or i would have done everything within my power to help if i could. .

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