Weekly Photo Challenge: BIG

14 Oct

This weeks photo challenge – there really was no contest. Why this photo though?

For an autistic child, the scene symbolises nightmares. In fact, the day I took that photo was not that busy, compare to what I imagine it would be like in rush hour. Think of the noise levels, echoey, 

New York Train Station

all those people talking at once, perhaps some shouting, footsteps, some running. Think of how disorganised it is, people rushing about, quite likely bumping into other people as they rush to get to where they are going. Think of the structure of the building. It is not immediately obvious from the spot where I took the photo, where you might need to go next, to get to your destination.

Now think of all that, exaggerated. That is kind of what an autistic person will experience. noise, movement, crowds, uncertainty, panic – melt down.

The simplest things in life can be a challenge if you have autism.



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