Thousands to be struck of the Special Needs register: are teachers to blame?

5 Nov

This Daily Prompt led me to search the obvious: special needs. the 11th item in the list was an article in the telegraph, saying that thousand of children are to be struck off the special needs register in the latest round of government reforms: rather a hot topic.

When I read this article in the Telegraph, it raised a mixed bag of responses in me.

Yes, I agree, from first hand experience of talking to parents, that they find locating the appropriate resources and support a real challenge, however putting all the control in the parents court surely is not the answer either.

What about the parent who might misunderstand their child’s needs, and doesn’t fully understand the support they require? They could insist on a certain pathway that might be completely inappropriate and in effect, be setting the child up for failure.

‘This plan is about joining up the services’

says the lady in the video. Didn’t they try that already and call it a CAF? (common assessment framework) that didn’t work at all. How will this be different? The parents get the budget and can choose how it is allocated.

What if the parents are not aware of all the services on offer? What if the parents, as with many of my students, are in need of support themselves?

I am not saying that parents should not have a say, but this plan seems to be taking all control away from the schools. Surely the ideal is for ALL services, schools, support services and families to work together? That surely is what a special school particularly already tries to do.

How will this new plan be different? Can anyone answer that one for me?


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