Selling schools on the sly

3 Jan

I see it all the time, another school has become an ‘academy’ but why on earth is that a thing to be celebrated?

Teaching morale is at an all time low, 77% of teachers do not believe that academies are the best way to improve education, yet the government say ‘it’s ok, we are removing bureaucracy and improving training for teachers’. What use will that be, if there are no teachers left?

Who suffers most?

The children. Schools are struggling more and more to get suitable candidates for special needs posts. More and more teachers are leaving the profession, nicer with fees are becoming unaffordable. Who will be left teaching? Teachers who CAN afford to train, perhaps, till they find out what it’s really like.

Why are academies so good?

It is a fancy name, it sounds nice, but in effect an academy is a private business that the government has sold off. They need their own accountants, board of directors, all the usual business stuff. How will that establish national standards? I do not know.

Can you help?

If you have the answers to any of these concerns, please do share, because I am gravely concerned about what the government is doing to the UK education system.

Do other countries have this problem?

Are you a teacher in another country who has a better education model? I would love to hear from you.


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