It’s all YOUR fault miss!

7 Jan

Those are the words that ring in my ears when I think of the day.

A student that I had been teaching for a number of months. This student genuinely didn’t think they had control of their behaviour, they were a very very difficult student, autistic, a very tall 14 year old. They could be and was extremely threatening at times. Then again, they were also very very charming and a pleasure to have around at times too.

imageI thought we were making progress. I took it right back to basics. Are you in control of your arms and legs? No, they replied. They were sitting on an inflated gym ball, so I pushed them. They steadied themselves. I repeated the question. They again said no. We had to repeat the exercise several times before they realised that they MUST be in control of their arms and legs because they weren’t lying on the floor.

We had progressed from there though. They were much happier, much more settled and much more relaxed.

So it came as a total shock when they threw the chair, threatened me and the class, standing almost nose to nose with arm raised.

It was clear to me immediately that they for some unknown reason, had targeted their anger towards me. I feared for the safety of the other students in the classroom, who were also autistic, and very scared. I felt helpless, and scared myself, but I had to outwardly show calm, for the sake of the other students, who were all staring at me looking for an indication telling them what they should do.

I made one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make, and left the room via the fire door, leaving two support teachers with the class, and the angry violent student.

As it happens, one support teacher followed close behind and removed the rest of the students, leaving the angry student and one support teacher. I knew they were in danger, so sent other staff over to support, but I was so angry with them, shocked, saddened, so many emotions.

I thought we were getting places. That day took us quite a few steps backwards.

That’s teaching, it’s set to try us. Special Needs teachers never give up though.


One Response to “It’s all YOUR fault miss!”

  1. cshowers January 8, 2013 at 06:43 #

    How heartbreaking. You’ve chosen a career that can both bless you and break your heart. Very few are willing to love, care for and teach these beautiful, troubled students. Thank you for being one who does, and for giving us a glimpse of your struggles. I pray the the Lord watches over both you and your students, and that He uses you to unlock the doors to their hearts and minds, so that they can be all that they were created to be.

    Many blessings to you,

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