Pushy Parents; is slow education the way forward?

9 Jan

It’s normal for parents to want to do the best for their child. It’s also normal for parents to want their child to do the best that they can. But does it really help? 

image I was introduced to the name Paul Tough on a training day recently. He is an author and speaker, and one of the main pioneers of the ‘slow education movement.

Hi criticises parents and teachers who push students, pressurise them to achieve high grades and do well. He criticises them for minimising failure for their children. The reason? 

If you do not allow your child to fail, and manage failure, then they will never succeed. Too much protection is just as bad as too little.

‘If we want them to succeed, we also have to allow them to fail’ 

The teenage years is one of only two times in a child’s life when their brain is at its most mailable  They have to make decisions in their life some time, is being protective really helping, and preparing them for life? 

Another article was also written on the subject of slow learning, in the telegraph, where an Eton master also agrees with Paul Tough. Have a read and tell me what you think.


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