Reading faces

11 Jan

This is something that Autistic children find really difficult. I did a little exercise with them the other day. We had an interactive dice, which threw up pictures. They had to match the faces to the kind of expression they had.

Here are the faces:

Obvious expressions were easier, like smiling. The ones they found difficult, which was consistent with every group were these:

I actually was expecting them to find the blank expression the most difficult! They struggleed to decipher the difference between them. We practiced doing the same thing with our own faces, and each person tried it. We then looked at each other, the eye brows, the mouth, the eyes, the wrinkles on our foreheads. When we took it apart and looked at it in smaller detail practicing the face ourselves, the students were able to work out what each expression was.

It was a very interesting exercise. I love how children always throw up the most unexpected of things. That is what makes special needs teaching so interesting.


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