Don’t tell me what to think!

15 Jan

People assume all sorts of things about Autistic students, from kind to not so kind. But this comment was one that really made me think.

imageThis came from an autistic student that came to our school from home tuition. He was a long term school refuser, and was terrified when his mother managed to negotiate a special school placement. Ordinarily he would have just been in mainstream but she was hopeful she would get him to go to school if it was somewhere less threatening. It worked.

In an RE lesson today they discussed whether they believed in God. The student said that in mainstream school he was told to believe in God, but now he doesn’t go there any more he doesn’t think he believes in God any more because this miss wasn’t telling him what to think.

Telling him what to think. Do we teachers really do this? Think about that, we do if we aren’t careful.

We should be presenting children with information that allows them to formulate their own mind, own thought and own opinions, no matter who they are or what their disability.


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