Sums Success!

17 Jan


Back to front success today. Well, if you are a normal teacher.

I have been teaching an autistic teenager number bonds to ten for 3 months. This student was unable to work independently, constantly seeking reassurance and unable to self direct. To be honest, I wondered if he would ever get it.

Yesterday and today proved to me that he CAN do this.. And there is always progress to be made.

Today he managed to complete 20 sums independently, and when I marked some wrong, was able to correct them too, independently.

I considered it a success that I managed to sit in the background and do very little. A visitor to the classroom may be forgiven for wondering what on earth was going on!

What it proved to me though, was that he understood, completely. He repeated the exercise independently two days later with even more success.

Far too many teachers these days go for the ‘completion’ rather than comprehension approach. Such a shame.

Those small signs today spoke huge volumes to me. I was so proud of him.


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