The anger scale: shared resource

18 Jan

Today I wanted to share some useful resources that I made, after reading this great book. I used it with Autistic students to help them to understand that it was not an all or nothing when it came to managing emotions. Many autistic students think that they are either angry or sad, with nothing at all in between. They do not realise that there are warning signs that indicate that things are beginning to boil up inside them.

5 point scale bookThe book is great, but what I found was that for many anger did not necessarily represent the colours that they chose. For many anger was black, for example. So, I recreated the scale, onto a plain sheet and allowed them to choose the colours.

We then looked again at the scale, and looked at the external factors that were a part in creating the feelings on the scale. From there I also created corresponding cards for many, which they would take to lessons and place on the desk, allowing them to communicate their emotions without having to speak.

We then moved forwards to create a sheet that indicated to teachers what was the best and worst things to do when they indicated certain colours.

That way, the avenues of communication were open, but without using words.

Let me know what you think, and if it was useful.


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