Memory tests? What is he thinking of?!

23 Jan

I heard the news today, about how A levels will also change, and become memory tests as well, much like the new style GCSE. What on earth are they thinking?

children spend too much time in exams

was an excuse for doing this? eia-exams-oldHis reasoning is that children are always being tested in modular exams. And the problem is? Is it not better to check learning periodically all the way through their course, rather than one huge memory test at the end?

What will a memory test style exam prove to employers? Will they be able to see how children can apply their skills in a practical way according to the subject? No. Will they be able to assess how well children learn and take on new information? No. Is this a fair and inclusive way to teach children? No.

All this will do it prove who can and who cannot remember information in large quanitites.

What it will effectively do is exclude all special needs children from accessing any GCSE or A level courses, because special needs children, as a rule, struggle with memory and work better in practical based activities.

Great work Mr Gove, one more stap towards making the British Education system fully elitist.


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