Numicon: visualising maths

24 Jan

I have been using numicon with a student for a few months now. When I first got him, he was not able to work alone, not able to add up unless he physically counted it out, and struggled to do number bonds to 10, despite being 14. Maths is a challenge for this autistic boy.

Enter Numicon.

We had a training day on this stuff, and I could instantly see how useful it would be for autistic students. It visualised the numbers, making them physical things that you could touch and manipulate. Brilliant!

20130124-142556.jpg It has taken constant over learning for a few months now, but we are now at the following stage:

  • He can work independently
  • He can use the numicon himself to solve maths problems – with number bonds to ten now coming easily
  • He is beginning to use the colours and the shapes of the numicon to be able to visually work out the answers, without having to count.

We have got him to the point where he is starting to be able to do simple maths problems in his head. Something I never thought would be possible!

Turn maths into a visual and physical jigsaw puzzle, then visual and kinaesthetic learners can access it.

I am so proud of him!


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