Don’t take it personally!

25 Jan

Its difficult when you are a teacher, to sometimes step away from the vehicle, look and survey the situation from afar, and make a balanced judgement. We teachers take everything to heart. We care about all our students, and care that they are happy, and achieving to the level we know they are capable of. 

So when one decides to take a personal vendetta on you it is really hard to step back and say ‘it’s not me, he doesn’t hate me really’. But we must learn to do this. 

Stressed-teacherA group were doing a lesson with me in the sensory module. We were talking about feelings. Something that autistic children struggle to do. This boy was using an interactive dice that threw faces up onto a big screen to tell me what was worrying him this morning. He told me that one boy in his class screams. When he comes in he feels worried and nervous. When the noise happens he feels angry. Seems straight forward, considering he is noise sensitive. 

A separate conversation with his teacher went something like this. She told me that he flips over the most petty of things. He is violent. She was hit several times last week. I can see that really bothers her. She explains she just wants the best for her students but this one boy is so unpredictable. even the turning over of a timer sets him off. 

It was obvious. Only because I had spoken to him this morning. Nerves precedes anxiety  which precedes anger. If he realises he has a timer, is already feeling on edge with the screaming child, then the pressure of a timed exercise would, like the noise, send him over the edge. 

This particular child is good at time out when he needs to, but inconsistently. I suggested she devise a reward system for when he successfully uses time out. She had already thought of that as a possible solution. 

Lets see how he goes. 

Meanwhile, I guess we need to address the screaming child, and work out what is bothering him too. 




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