How do YOU prefer to read?

5 Feb

How do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand?

With a massive 75% of the poll vote going to E-readers, what is so great about them? 

ereadersFor special needs students, there couldn’t be anything better than the new digital age of E-readers, IPads, Easy to access computers, and a wide range of other electronic gadgets to make education more easily accessible. 

But what is the appeal? 

Let me take one of my students as an example. He has autism, and also Nystagmus. That makes learning quite a challenge. What would the benefit of E-readers be for him? He could enlarge the font, change the colour, the background, all without physically looking any different to the others in the class, something he is very self conscious about. 

What is the benefit of E -readers like the IPad?

There is now a MASSIVE range of apps that are available, all helping with social skills, anger management, understanding, autism, the list is endless. The simple humble book is no longer a book, it is an electronic learning device. You can copy from it, have it read out loud to you and manipulate it in such a massive range of ways the possibilities are limitless.

I am so excited to watch the advances in the technological age. I only hope that it will be financially viable and accessible to schools and educational establishments, so we can all maximize on these new interactive learning opportunities


3 Responses to “How do YOU prefer to read?”

  1. becomingcliche February 5, 2013 at 18:02 #

    One thing awesome about iPads for special needs kids that is a little off-topic: with their iPads in hand, they are part of the cool crowd. Not only are there great apps, but some of my special needs campers, for the first time ever, are the envy of their peers because of their awesome gadget.

  2. shaikfahadeng February 9, 2013 at 08:34 #

    Reblogged this on shaikfahadeng and commented:
    well its an open thought that books provide better visibility to the reader,using an E-gadget requires patience to read out the content an a very good advantage about the E reading is we can go for an additional info like up gradation unlike the traditional notes.even though i prefer to read a book .


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