Who says autistic children can’t crack jokes?

7 Feb

I have an autistic boy that I teach, who loves to tell stories. He dramatises all the things that happen in his house and loves to tell the teachers and the students in his class about them. The students, in turn, love to listen. 

This is the same boy that when out of the autistic classroom is very quiet, reserved and shy, rarely speaks when he visits subject specific lessons, so much so that the teachers sometimes doubt if he is understanding the concepts. (Often he does in fact!). 

printerToday confirmed for me that he does not simply copy jokes that he has learned from other students and staff, he understands humour, and can in fact make jokes himself.

It is quite cold outside at the moment, and we remind the students they need coats at breaks, as they do not always feel the cold like you and I. With that in mind, we had just come in from lunch, and were starting maths. I had given him an independent task to do as a starter. Meanwhile i position myself elsewhere and do something else (to encourage independence). I was trying to print something, and did not realise the printer was switched off. When I pressed print the message came up ‘printer not ready’. I read it out to myself, and wondered out loud what the problem was. The boy looked up from his work and said ‘perhaps it doesn’t have its coat on yet’ and laughed, even before I had given a reaction. Wonderful moment! 

I got it working, and the printer started to print. Again he laughed, looked up and said ‘oh, it obviously has its coat on now!’ He then continued right on with his work. 

Magic moment! 


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