Special Needs students ‘separated’ from teachers

8 Feb

I was reading this article in this week’s TES where it discusses how research on mainstream primaries revealed that children with a statement of special educational needs were separated from the teachers, and often left with the least qualified members of staff in the school, meaning that they make little or no educational progress. 

teacher in classI can see how that is likely, with many SEN students being separated for extra support with support assistants, however I was not aware of the horrendous excuses that teachers used to send SEN students out of their classes. The staff in the staffroom were discussing this as I read it and shared with with everyone. They told me of how in other schools, the teachers have sent a child to watch children’s TV, ‘because this work will be too hard for them’ or ‘take her and do some colouring or something, she won’t be able to do this’. 

I was horrified. I had no idea this sort of thing still went on! 

I was wondering, as I got down to the end of the article, how the new SEN reforms giving parents more power with regards to how resources are spent for their child’s education, how that might help. If this kind of things still happens, then I can see how parents will be able to take a large part in preventing such things from continuing. 

Will the government have in place, support mechanisms for parents of special needs students who themselves have special needs? I do hope so, because a lot of parents of the students in my care would need a high level of support to enable them to understand the support mechanisms that are in place, and at their disposal. It would be a shame if such families were to miss out. 



One Response to “Special Needs students ‘separated’ from teachers”

  1. yourothermotherhere February 8, 2013 at 14:26 #

    I’ve become more aware recently of how people who do not fit into the group that is able to contribute to a country’s economy is shuttled aside. That includes the elderly, disabled, people with a mental illness and people who are mentally challenged. If they are fortunate enough to have someone who cares enough about them to see to it that they are cared for, well and good. But unfortunately that isn’t happening for many and they end up out on the street, homeless and victimized by a society that let them down in the first place.

    What will happen to the children who could achieve a level of independent living as adults IF they were given the help they needed as children, but were not? Their parents will not live forever. Then what? Institutionalized? Maybe, if they have insurance, or government cutbacks don’t force them out into the streets.

    What can be done and what is going to happen when many people are fighting to hold their own heads above water? I don’t know except that it is wrong to ignore, or treat people this way.

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