Waiter refuses to serve discriminating customers

9 Feb

A wonderful story from the Houston Chronicle. I cannot believe there are still people like this in our society, and I commend this waiter for doing what he did. 

Near a classroom window, 5-year-old Milo Castillo fumbled with a golden, bejeweled crown. Michael Garcia, kneeling in front of him, patiently waited with his head bowed.

milo SEN waiter story

The crown shifted from between the boy’s fingers, but he quickly grasped both sides and gently placed it on top of Garcia’s head. They both grinned.

The jewels adorning the crown are actually plastic and have been glued onto yellow foam. Nevertheless, the crown symbolizes something precious to Milo, a child with Down syndrome.

Garcia is the waiter at Laurenzo’s Prime Rib on Washington Avenue who refused to serve a family who asked to be seated away from Milo and his parents, saying “special- needs children need to be special somewhere else.”

Garcia, 45, instantly became a hero for standing up for Milo, receiving praise – and donations – from all over the country after the story spread. On Thursday, he presented the contributions – in the way of a check for $1,145 – to Milo’s school, The Rise School of Houston, a preschool affiliate of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Garcia, who frequently served Milo and his family, has no regrets about not serving the customers that day last month. The patrons abruptly left.


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