British schools UNFAIR to poorest pupils

14 Feb

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this in the paper, well, actually, I could.

Photo from Huffington Post

Photo from Huffington Post

The Daily Mail reports that British schools are the worst in the world for social mobility, findings showing the biggest achievement gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged students in research covering more than 60 countries. 

Research found that disadvantages students were twice as likely to be amongst the poorest performers. At the opposite end of the scale, China, Hong Kong, Finland, South Korea, Canada and Japan showed the highest level of fairness. 

British schools are the most socially segregated in the world. Why is that? Well, for a start, Labour claim that the ‘pupil premium’ which is meant to benefit poorer pupils is actually doing the opposite. Have a look at this report that they wrote on the subject. 

I have to say, I was not too amused at the things Labour were doing when they were in power (after all they started this sneaky selling off of the school system) but I will say that students seem much worse off under the ConDems. Particularly special needs ones. 



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