Crocodile tears? NO they aren’t!

15 Feb

An Autistic student wasn’t quite his usual cheerful self yesterday. The cookery teacher wondered why he wasn’t telling her his latest tale from home about the daily electrical disasters, and seemed a little more glum than usual. When she asked, He burst into tears, explaining that it was the anniversary of his grandmother’s death. 

tearsHe was taken back to the autistic provision, where we consoled him, explaining its OK to be sad, and that he didn’t need to apologise. He was just fine a little while later. 

A teacher in the staffroom made a comment that is imprinted on my brain though. She said 

He’s probably crying just for effect because he knows that he can’t. 

I was horrified. Just because you are autistic does NOT mean you are heartless callous and cold. It simply means that you struggle to show emotion in the same way that other people do, but it is still inside of you just the same. 

The boy was making valentines biscuits at the time. Clearly some connection with the heart shape reminded him of his lost family member. There is nothing unusual in that at all. 

It makes me so cross when people, who are supposed to KNOW this, are still seemingly so ignorant. 


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