‘Edapt’ – getting rid of unions?

18 Feb

With the recent news that the government are endorsing new company ‘Edapt’ who profess to be a trade Union alternative for teachers who do not want to be in a union, and do not want to strike, are they trying to rule the masses? This certainly is an odd advertising graphic, I must say.


The above is how they advertise themselves on their web site, and they are endorsed by Michael Gove. What is that saying? It would seem he would rather teachers be a member of organisations who state they will not strike.

Their status popped up on my Facebook timeline as an advert. Someone challenged them, asking why were they so against unions, trade unions had fought several issues for teachers who joined this comment stream. Edapt replied stating they were not a union replacement, and many teachers had chose to be members of both.

So tell me why then, is ‘we do not strike’ so high on their advertising agenda? Why are they comparing their costs to that of union membership? Why when you Seth for them n google, does the auto complete say ‘Edapt union’ if they are not a union?

That any member of parliament will even associate themselves with such an organisation speaks volumes to me. The government clearly want the inconvenience that is a trade union out of their way, and this is their half way house alternative.

They are already successfully selling off the school system, and many Academies are refusing to recognise unions. Is this just the beginning of another mass campaign that will wreck the British education system, and also destroy an morale that may be left in the British teachers?


One Response to “‘Edapt’ – getting rid of unions?”

  1. Voice Blog February 25, 2013 at 13:26 #

    Teaching unions – who needs them? Teachers do!: http://blog.voicetheunion.org.uk/?p=6894

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