Parents to control the Special needs education budgets?

20 Feb

I think I have written about this before, when it became news that the SEN budgets were to be driven by ‘parent power’. Originally I was sceptical about this, referring to the fact that many students in my school have parents with needs too, what would happen to them if they have to make decisions regarding their child’s education and where the funding goes? 


Photo credit: BBC Suffolk

I read this story about a couple in Suffolk who have had a legal battle on their hands, simply to get the education system to meet the needs of their autistic son, after his statement of educational need was badly written and did not reflect the comments and findings from doctors at Great Ormond Street. 

This is a perfect example of how such a system that is parent controlled would work to the child’s advantage. 

BUT… one size does not fit all, so more than one plan needs to be in place for it to meet the needs of ALL our students. 

Have a read of their story. I would welcome your comments. 


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