Afghanistan to Eton: life has no limits

21 Feb

I love it when I read of stories like this. It makes you realise that life has no limits no matter what age you are.

20130221-111016.jpg 3 year old Rohid Zamani who, with his family, escaped the terrors of the Taliban regime using just a leaking rubber dinghy, will start Eton on a full scholarship, studying A levels in maths biology, chemistry and physics.

Growing up to horrors such as seeing a man decapitated because he put gel in his hair, and his mother narrowly escaping death because she got up to answer the door to a relative whilst ill, it was clear that Rohid was made of something special.

When the family arrived in Hull and Rohid started school, it became clear that he was a talented child. After attending the city’s Sirius academy, it was suggested to him that he apply for an Eton scholarship.

He was awarded a full scholarship, meaning his family will not have to pay the £30,000 a year fees and will get a £1500 bursary towards uniform etc.

An Eton spokesman said

‘He is obviously an extraordinary young man and will undoubtedly make the most of all the opportunities that Eton offers’

Amazing. It’s not till you read a story like this that you realise exactly how lucky you are.

I wish Rohid all the best in his future studies.


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