Does autism need a cure?

22 Feb

I noticed this article in the media today and it made me think about this age old question that comes up quite often. Do we need a cure for autism?

What do the parents think?


I have spoken to many people about this question, and they usually say the same thing: autism make their child who they are, it cannot be separated, so no, they do not need a cure. 

What do the children think?

When I ask the children themselves, I usually get a different answer. I had a very interesting conversation with two students about this a few months back. They said that having autism usually made other people view them as ‘weird’ and that they did not feel like they ever fitted in. They just wanted to be normal. When I explained that Autism was basically a condition that meant that they had to learn a whole lot of skills that we take for granted, one boy said ‘so, you mean you can cure me?’ 

CURE seemed to be a rosy thing that they both strived for, in order to fit in and ‘be normal’. 

I would love to hear from some adults that are diagnosed on the autism spectrum, to see if their views are different. 

Do the children say this because they have not come to terms with or do not fully understand their diagnosis? Would adults views be any different? 

Do contact me if you can help with this puzzle!



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