Free schools, cult schools?

24 Feb

I read this in the Guardian, and you know what, was not a it surprised at all. Apparently, religious sects are high amongst the ground that have applied to open ‘free schools’. Why didn’t he make this information public?


“some of the opposition to the programme has gone further than normal healthy debate”.

So, we don’t like it and he decides to not tell us stuff?

I don’t like this whole thing. I violently disagree with what is happening with the British education system. I do NOT like how Michael Gove is selling off the schools calling it the Academy programme, I do not like his free schools idea, meaning literally ANYONE can open up a school if they want to. It does not surprise me that China are now out doing us in maths education between the ages of 10-16.


How are the government going to keep a track of progress, performance, attainment, if the whole system is fragmented? Thought the Labour government were making a mess of things, but the ConDems really are stealing the show.

We have sold so many national assets, it fills me with fear what state education will be in a few years from now. The NHS was privatised in secret a few years ago when NHS trusts were created. Still state run, I know, but Cambridgeshire now have the first private run NHS trust, its a slippery slope.

When will the British public wake up and smell the coffee? Academies and free schools are not In the best interests of education, and if we aren’t careful there won’t be an teachers left, as we are currently seeing the biggest mass exodus of the education sector that I have known for decades.

I am really not sure why special schools want to be academies. Please tell me why this would make sense? We need national control, so all the agencies can work effectively together, instead of the increasing fragmentation of the services that are serving the work force of tomorrow.


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