1 minute video challenge

1 Mar

Video challenge: Find three *objects* that speak volumes about who you are. It might be a beloved camera. Your magic power rock. The charred bones of your dearly departed hamster Mr. Schnoozles. You decide.

I decided for the purposes of this challenge that I was not ready to speak to my blog audience directly, so therefore I did a quick little video showing where I work. The desk is carefully placed, to face into the room, and at the door, so that I can teach from here, while developing the students independence. It may look to others who enter the room, like I am actually ignoring them and doing something else. TEACCH is a proven structure of working that helps develop independent learning skills in the students. 

I hate clutter, therefore my desk is nice and clear, as it always is. 

1 minute video challenge from Be1ng Spec1al on Vimeo.


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