South Dakota allows teachers to be armed

9 Mar

Have they lost their marbles!!?? South Dakota have voted to allow teachers to carry guns, to help prevent tragedies such as the recent school shootings that have been in the news. But, understandably, the public opinion is very divided. 

teachers with guns

Personally, I do not agree. I think it is outrageous. What horrendous pressure those teachers are under now, as if there was not enough already. At the moment it feels like every last thing that is wrong with the youth of today is blamed on the teachers. We are left to cover more and more in their curriculum that traditionally used to be a job for parents, the most namely one being sex education. 

Teachers with guns? what on earth are the parameters for that? I have to say, faced with that decision imposed on me I think I would choose to leave the profession, or move to another area. 

It says that districts are not forced to arm teachers, teachers are not forced to carry a gun, but there are so many questions I have about this. 

What if only some of the teachers have guns, will the others be pressured to follow suit? 

What about firearms training? Even police do not routinely carry guns in the UK. 

What about accidents, misfirings, etc?

What will the law look like if a teacher fires that gun and wounds someone? How will they decide if it was justified defence? 

There are so many grey areas that it worries me greatly.  It is not a teachers job, this is way beyond the job remit. A teacher will always do everything in their power to keep their children safe, it is in their nature (you saw that in the news, when that teacher hid all her students in cupboards and sacrificed her own life) so why on earth put this extra pressure on them?

More guns will mean more violence which will mean even more danger. 

The United Nations is working hard to disarm nations, bring peace to the world, yet in the USA they are rolling out even more PRO gun laws? I just don’t understand!


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