Archbishop condemns benefit changes: more forced below the poverty line?

10 Mar

What a debatable subject this is. The Archbishop of Canterbury has condemned the planned cuts to benefits, designed to help motivate people ‘
back to work, and out of poverty.’


I see the logic. I always wondered why some people could be better off by claiming benefits than if they worked. If I look at that in a selfish manner, it means that I am paying my taxes to keep a whole bunch of people on their sofas. What I always wondered, is why employers were not given the incentives, which would motivate people to actually GO to work rather than motivating them to NOT go to work. 

BUT, if the government cut all this, there are a number of other factors we need to consider. This is where I can also see it from the other side of the argument also.

Removing the benefits doesn’t change all the other issues. When a mother, for example, goes to find work, they still have to find childcare, money for transport to work, and pay their bills. Will the work that they find subsidise all that? In a lot of cases, no, that is why they were not at work in the first place! So, why are the government not sorting out incentives for employers to employ such people, and incentives for people to actually bother to look for that job? 

Without all that, as the Archbishop says, there will be a whole group of families who become destitute, children on the poverty line, because the two ends of this grand plan do not meet to enable it all to happen as they would like. The parent will not be able to afford to stay in the job, or to leave it. 

A whole new dilemma to look at, and that is only one small example. 

By contrast, what it might do is get people who really cannot be bothered and would rather just take from the state, off their couches and into work where they should have been all along…. like the Frank Gallaghers of this world for example.

I guess the debate rolls on….


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