Plain talking ACTUALLY works sometimes

11 Mar

I was astounded to be honest. One of our students is having a hard time accepting he will leave in May and go to college. I suppose its the grand uncertainty of it all, but it is manifesting itself as totally obnoxious rude intolerant behaviour. He is repeatedly getting booted out of lessons and has started refusing exams, despite a tranche of differentiation and access measures being put in place. 

He strutted into my room declaring he was booted out of Science this morning. He was smiling, and visibly seeking a reaction. An LSA came in behind him to explain to me that he was refusing the to the practical elements with is directly related to his exam marks and results. 

I snapped.

tell-like-isI have to say I am usually tolerant and understanding but he was strutting about swearing and grinning at me, I needed to tell him how it was. 

I recapped how he refused an exam last week, there was a failure, one less qualification. Today he was refusing the practical. There were a few more marks going out the window. At this rate the pile of certificates he will be walking our of school with is getting smaller and smaller, all because of his own stupid impulse decisions.

I told him to sit down, we would do the best we could, but he had to accept that the practical work could not be done here, that was his choice. 

AMAZINGLY, instead of him swearing at me, declaring how he didn’t care, bla bla bla, he took himself right out the door, back to science, and completed the work. 

Plain talking, directly related to his life, and the impact his decisions are having on his future worked a dream. 

I am not sure it will work again tomorrow, but I am thankful it worked today. 


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