Take your tunnel vision off!

14 Mar

It really frustrates me how other teachers cannot seem to see things from a special needs child’s point of view. 

I have mentioned the child I teach who has nystagmus before. I have told the teachers what feels like a million times. tunnel-visionThe county advisor has been in. We have shown people the size font he needs, the colour backing, the type of exam paper, and a hundred other things. This boy also has autism. That means that he is not going to tell you when he is struggling. 

We chatted the other day. He said when he reads something that is too small, he can do it at first. Then the words start to jump around on the page. Shortly after that he begins to feel dizzy, then sick. He tries his best but it takes him longer to focus on it if it is not the right size materials, and teachers get cross. He also says that some people think he is faking it, or trying to get out of the work. Often people think he is just being naughty. 

This all happened today, because he was given the wrong size worksheet. I later discovered he had sat four exams in another subject without VI adaptions. Another teacher said he did badly in her test because he doesn’t listen or revise. When I unpicked the situation, it was because he couldn’t read the blooming work!! 

When will people realise the challenges these children face? Teachers who are teaching in a SPECIAL school, should know better. 

Rant over!


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