Believing the impossible: Childhood myths

18 Mar

Daily post: What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

Nope, sorry, can’t think of anything. Yes, that’s it. Nothing. Why? because I am convinced that I am on the ASC spectrum, and if I was, then you would know that impossible is simply not possible!!

childhood mythsYes, Autistic kids will argue with you about how stupid the whole idea of Father Christmas is. They will tell you tooth fairies do NOT exist and that you simply cannot catch the stars no matter how many ways you try to convince them you can!

Here’s some others you are on a loser with:

          • Carrots make you see in the dark 
          • Kiss a frog and it will turn into a prince
          • Its bad luck to walk on the cracks in the pavement
          • Don’t clean your room and the bogey man will steal your toys
          • If the wind changes your face will stay like that
          • Kissing a boy will make you pregnant
          • Holding hands with them will make you pregnant

What myths did your parents tell you?


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