Teen predicts her own death minutes before being killed by a drunk driver

19 Mar

This is such a sad sad story. 

‘I think I’m going to die’: Chilling last words of schoolgirl, 14, who predicted her death on Facebook minutes before she was killed by drink-driver Daily Mail online 

A terrified teenage girl predicted her own death on Facebook just minutes before she lost her life at the hands of a drunken driver.

kayleight lawrieKayleigh Lawrie, 14, pleaded to be allowed to get out of the car being driven by her father’s friend because she was so scared by his ‘Formula One’ style driving.

Kayleigh, who had already posted a message on Facebook saying ‘I think I’m going to die’, was told by her father Scott Lawrie not to be so stupid.

Moments later the driver Steven Hayter – who was twice over the drink-drive limit – lost control of his Renault Clio on a country road near Kayleigh’s home in Willoughby, Lincolnshire.

He was attempting to retrieve a cigarette he had dropped in the foot well.

The car skewed across the road into a ditch and then flew 60ft through the air before crashing down. Kayleigh, who was on the back seat, died instantly. A 13-year-old boy in the car suffered a fractured skull and facial injuries.

Tests taken more than four hours after the collision showed he was almost twice over the limit with a reading of 147 mgs of alcohol per 100 mls of blood.

What the article does not say is what sentence Steven Hayter has or might be given. 

I seriously wonder if we should have the death penalty back. This was completely inexcusable, and a totally unnecessary death. 

RIP Kayleigh 


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