Public sector pay squeeze continues for another 3 years

21 Mar

Budget day, and guess what, unhappy people. I guess that the poor chancellor could not manage to keep everyone happy and was always onto a loser but I have to be honest, I am not all that impressed myself.

I feel like the government are beginning to pick on the education sector, (and the other public sector professions to be honest) and I am beginning to wonder if that is just because they are easy pickings compared to other private sector professions that they do not have direct control over. 

But, actually, soon they will not have control over them either, as their mass exodus sale of the schools continues. 

Teachers in the UK have faced a pay freeze for the past two years, and will have pay raises capped to 1% for the next three years. With that rate being 4 times lower than inflation, that is effectively a pay cut, continuing on for 5 years. 

Here is what I have noticed on a personal level. 


7-8 years ago I had a disposable income, and was able to comfortably afford my bills. A few years back, interest rates were so high I almost had to sell my house or surrender it to the mortgage company as I seriously struggled to make ends meet. That is despite cutting back on all luxuries and many essentials, selling one family car and using my bike more, for transport purposes. 

18 months ago I compared a train journey to work with the car, and then, the car was cheaper by £7-8 a trip. Now the train is cheaper by about £5 a trip. Bear in mind here that the train fares have gone up by £3 a trip in this time, and petrol prices have soared at an all time high. So comparatively speaking, either way my journey costs much more than it used to 18 months ago. And I am still on a 2 year pay freeze, about to face a further pay rise cap way below inflation. 

I am concerned that very soon, I and many other teachers and public sector workers will be back close to the poverty line, and once again wondering if I can pay all the bills. 


I didn’t put myself through 7 years of expensive education expecting to be facing these dilemmas that is for sure. 



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