poorly sick: the student who was PERSUADED to go home!

22 Mar

I have some students who really do test my patience sometimes, but it is rare that I have to persuade a student to GO HOME because they are ill! 

Today one of my tutor group said, mid morning that he didn’t feel too well, his head was spinning and his stomach felt funny. This particular student is NEVER ill so I knew he really was not well, unlike some that I have, that use it as an escape excuse! 

I gave him some water, he sat quietly for a while but didn’t feel much better. I asked did he want me to ring home for someone to collect him. He said no, he didn’t want to miss his lesson, he would be OK in a minute. He kept saying to himself how he couldn’t miss lessons, teacher didn’t like people who kept going out to the toilet, and self talk of this nature. 

I reassured him it was OK  I did not mind at all, and was he sure he was OK  Yes, he would be OK  Can’t miss lessons this afternoon he said. I again reassured him that it would be ok, we could get the work for him to do another time, I was sure he would not miss much. He continued to apologise, for messing up my maths lesson, and so on.

Eventually I persuaded him that it might just be better if he went home, then he would feel better faster, ready for Monday.

Eventually, he allowed me to call and a relative collected him.

They told me that in the morning, he had complained about not feeling well but was anxious about missing lessons so insisted on coming to school.

Gosh, I wish all my students were as keen as he is!  


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