Gove: teachers are all academics who are only interested in valuing marxism!!

25 Mar

This Article in THE GUARDIAN today is WELL WORTH A READ. 

‘Of course, there are problems with state schools, but the idea that there is only one way to teach and learn shows absolute inexperience.’ 

says Michael Gove. Yet another attack on teachers and academics in a quest to continue and complete his persecution of the profession. 

But who is responsible for this failure? Who are the guilty men  and women who have deprived a generation of the knowledge they need? Who are the modern Enemies Of Promise?

Well, helpfully, 100 of them put their name to a letter to The Independent newspaper this week. 

They are all academics who have helped run the university departments of education responsible for developing curricula and teacher training courses. 

Charming!! So Gove thinks the whole education system is corrupt and we are all rubbish!?

In another article he spouts on for ages about all that is wrong with this British failing education system:

 Karl Marx (pictured)

‘But who is responsible for this failure? The academics who criticised the coalition’s plans for education wrote with reference to Karl Marx (pictured)

You would expect such people to value learning, revere knowledge and dedicate themselves  to fighting ignorance. Sadly, they seem more interested in valuing Marxism, revering jargon and fighting excellence.’

‘We have abolished the quangos they controlled. We have given  a majority of secondary schools academy status so they are free from the influence of The Blob’s allies in local government. We are moving teacher training away from university departments and into our best schools. And we are reforming our curriculum and exams to restore the rigour they abandoned.

GCSEs and A-levels had been systematically devalued. We have acted. GCSEs and A-levels will again be taken after two years’ study, instead of broken into ‘modules’, and will stretch children with the challenges they need, such as extended essay-writing and more problem- solving in maths and sciences.’

 To read more of this outrageous outburst, here is the Daily Mail link to the full article. 

The TORIES introduced league tables, GCSE’s and many other measures of which he speaks. How will selling off the education system actually help fix all this? Will that juts not devalue the teaching profession, drive teachers out, and disjoint the whole process, making it really tricky to follow and track it all at a national level, since Academies all have so much control? 

But then, what would I know, I am just one of those people who

‘seem more interested in valuing Marxism, revering jargon and fighting excellence.’

What an idiot. 


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