British Academies: Gove is giving away the schools

26 Mar

Teachers unions attack Gove, as the conference season gets underway. Is there a storm brewing? 

The education secretary, Michael Gove, is accused of the “shameful neglect” of pupils as the teachers’ union conference season in England gets under way.

Mary Bousted, the general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, will tell the ATL conference in Liverpool that the Conservative reforms are “undermining and harming our pupils’ education”. Her speech includes attacks on the education secretary and alleges that he is attempting to force schools to secede from the state system.

Claiming that the academy conversion programme was designed to “pave the way for the wholesale transfer of our schools to the private sector if the Conservatives are in office after the next election”, Bousted compared it to the privatisations of the Thatcher era:“If Gove was honest, he would auction them. Mrs Thatcher sold off the family silver – at least she didn’t give it away.” From The Guardian

The teachers are not going to put up with much more of this. Its shameful what Gove is doing to education. For the first time in my teaching career I am not sure if I even want to be a teacher in Britain any more. I have never felt like this ever, in all the 17 years that I have been a teacher, so thank you for that Mr Gove. 

Do the public know that in effect converting schools to academies is privatising the entire education system? Do public know that doing away with GCSE’s will exclude most special needs students from being able to gain any type of meaningful qualification to prepare them for working life? 

As I always say, the kids are fine, its the adults that cause me issues! 

Look out Mr Gove, I fear more industrial action may be on the cards. 




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