New horizons

27 Mar

I change jobs after Easter. Its still a special school, the blog will still continue, but with autistic kids you have to be careful how you handle things, so they do not fret for weeks about the change. 

The day I told my tutor group went just as I expected.

I was trying to explain it to a friend who doesn’t know about autism, and she simply looked confused!! 

goldfish-changing-jobsI do not get precious about children, I know that they, in their own little way, will miss people who come and go from their lives, and I know that that will not necessarily be apparent to me at the time, if ever. I would like to think that they would remember me, but I know that many will not when the replacement teacher comes along and they have something else to focus on. That is ok, I still do enjoy my job.

So, here is how it went. I told them I was leaving, that my last day would be on the 28th March. ‘That’s the last day of term’ says one boy, before going on to some other task with apparent disregard. ‘Who will be our tutor?’ asks another. ‘That’s a long way away’ states another student. ‘Will I need my pencil case for maths?’ asks the last boy to speak. 

Offended? Me? no. it’s all in a days work for a teacher of children with autism. 


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