Charged for taking kids of school?

4 Apr

This is always a contentious issue but I know why parents do it. But lets open a can of worms…

Teachers choose to teach, it’s not a job that people do by accident or fall into. When they choose that, they know that the holidays are set in stone. There is nothing that a teacher can do about that. Of the however many weeks a year that are ‘holiday’ all of them are not spent with feet up, many are spent doing paperwork. That’s a different issue however.

Dreaming girl school

When a teacher goes on holiday, they ALWAYS go when the kids do. Teachers cannot get cheap out of season last minute deals, teachers are FORCED to take holidays in peak season at peak prices. Is that covered in their handsome wages? I think not. Teachers in the UK have been on a pay freeze for years. I can tell you from personal experience that this has force me from a healthy position with disposable income, to wondering how I will cover all the bills. At one stage I considered selling up and moving into cheap rented because I was not sure that I could cover the mortgage.

Am I alone?

I doubt it.

Should parents be charged for taking kids out of school to go on holiday?

No, I don’t think they should. BUT I also think teachers, like all other professions, should be allowed to apply for holiday time off in term time.

What, give us even more holidays?

No, that’s not what I meant. But we spend so much time working on paperwork am planning that if we had to spend some of the school holidays in work in exchange for a cheaper holiday once a year, I bet there would be a large group of teachers interested in that option.


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