The 12 Myths Of Autism

5 Apr

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Beyond Autism Awareness

There are so many more myths about Autism, but generally speaking…

1. Autism is contagious. You can’t catch autism. Autism is something people are born with, like blue eyes or red hair. In this case, people with autism are born with a brain that is very good at some things but has trouble with others.

2. Autism is caused by vaccines. Studies continue to find that vaccines, even multiple vaccines in one day, do not cause autism.

3. Autism is a disease. It is not a disease, but a developmental disability. It is a difference that causes those affected to have difficulty communicating and interacting with others.

4. Autism is a tragedy. When parents are first faced with the diagnosis of autism in their children they may feel sad or scared. But with the right support, autistic people can live full lives. They can go…

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