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Hostage in your own school: Brave NZ teachers

13 May

I was listening to this story in the car while driving today and its truly terrifying. I admire the teachers and staff in this school for keeping things under control throughout the siege under which they were placed.  Continue reading


Teen predicts her own death minutes before being killed by a drunk driver

19 Mar

This is such a sad sad story. 

‘I think I’m going to die’: Chilling last words of schoolgirl, 14, who predicted her death on Facebook minutes before she was killed by drink-driver Daily Mail online 

A terrified teenage girl predicted her own death on Facebook just minutes before she lost her life at the hands of a drunken driver. Continue reading

Can children be ‘born evil’?

11 Feb

Jamie Bulger’s mother thinks so, and who can blame her. Your son, a toddler, murdered by two ten year old boys has got to be something that will be for ever in the news, and never far from her mind.  Continue reading

Terry’s new transportation!

24 Dec

Terry rolls up at school this morning, actually early for a change. Seems cheerful, swans in saying

‘can you unlock the side gate ease, I need to put my bike in the bike shed?’
Sure, no problem we think. A teacher went outside then promptly came back in exclaiming .. Continue reading