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26 Apr

I have mode to a new area, new school, and need to find a new house! That means I also need a new broadband connection! Continue reading


Special Needs home: plans blocked by residents

9 Apr

This is a truly disgusting story, where residents are simply thinking about themselves, rather than thinking of inclusion within the community. Why does this not surprise me, coming from the North of England where the first BNP MEP was seated.

From a local Bolton Paper: NEIGHBOURS’ opposition to plans for sheltered accommodation for people with special needs has prompted developers to withdraw the proposals. Continue reading

SEN student dies at hands of abusors

8 Apr

Its appalling that this kind of thing still happens in society these days, but its sad to read that it in fact does. 

A 2-year-old special needs child was abused so bad last month that he has recurring seizures and may have permanent neurological damage. Continue reading

Charged for taking kids of school?

4 Apr

This is always a contentious issue but I know why parents do it. But lets open a can of worms… Continue reading

A closer look at evidence-based practice in NZ schools

3 Apr

An Auckland-based RTLB cluster has found positive results running research projects and using evidence-based practice at their schools. 

Cluster 6 in Auckland works hard to ensure their schools are implementing the right programmes to help their students, based on extensive projects undertaken to gather valuable information. Continue reading