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The amazing courageous children

6 May

I have the privilege of meeting some truly amazing kids in my job. Each and every day they make me realise how lucky I am to be alive, healthy and well. Continue reading


Being different: its a fine line

25 Feb

One of my students has nystagmus. What is that? Well lets first look at a definition, because I had not heard of it either.  Continue reading

Parents to control the Special needs education budgets?

20 Feb

I think I have written about this before, when it became news that the SEN budgets were to be driven by ‘parent power’. Originally I was sceptical about this, referring to the fact that many students in my school have parents with needs too, what would happen to them if they have to make decisions regarding their child’s education and where the funding goes?  Continue reading

Who says autistic children can’t crack jokes?

7 Feb

I have an autistic boy that I teach, who loves to tell stories. He dramatises all the things that happen in his house and loves to tell the teachers and the students in his class about them. The students, in turn, love to listen. 

This is the same boy that when out of the autistic classroom is very quiet, reserved and shy, rarely speaks when he visits subject specific lessons, so much so that the teachers sometimes doubt if he is understanding the concepts. (Often he does in fact!).  Continue reading

Music communicates where words cannot

26 Jan

Music plays a key role in the autistic classroom. Music communicates where words fail. The main role it has in our classroom is to relax. Many of our students find every day life very stressful and unpredictable.  Continue reading