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Its all the parents fault!

24 Mar

Now there’s a comment I do not hear very often in the news!! BUT, I heard it today, and I was surprised to say the least. 

Usually, teachers are blamed for a raft of problems related to children in society today. Continue reading


PRU: the end as we know it? Not necessarily!

30 Sep

I was asked to go to visit a new student due into the unit in the next few days. The usual process was a home visit, followed by a visit to the unit prior to the student starting full time education.

This student was different. William was from a middle class family, who simply could not see why their precious child was excluded let alone why he had to go to such a god forsaken place as an ‘exclusion unit’. William’s parents were adamant that their precious boy was NOT going there. It wasn’t his fault that he was excluded anyway. Continue reading