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Autism awareness month

2 Apr

It’s autism awareness month! Share a ribbon, and spread awareness 🙂

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I am not my behaviour

28 Mar

Last day of term, mufti, lessons are not real lessons… So what happens? Yep, fights, silly behaviour and fights. Continue reading

Change spells trouble!!

15 Mar

Daily post: What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?

This is an easy one, for many special needs children, but particularly autistic children, spontaneity spells trouble.  Continue reading

Is autism different for girls?

12 Mar

Are parents and professionals missing the signs of autism in girls? 
Kate Reynolds looks at why female autism is often diagnosed late and misunderstood.
The most common autistic spectrum disorders (ASC) seen by health and education services are autistic disorder, also called childhood or classic autism, and Asperger’s syndrome (now known as high functioning autism). Autistic disorder is characterised by speech delay and signs of impaired social interaction, communication and imagination. Continue reading

Plain talking ACTUALLY works sometimes

11 Mar

I was astounded to be honest. One of our students is having a hard time accepting he will leave in May and go to college. I suppose its the grand uncertainty of it all, but it is manifesting itself as totally obnoxious rude intolerant behaviour. Continue reading