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Is autism different for girls?

12 Mar

Are parents and professionals missing the signs of autism in girls? 
Kate Reynolds looks at why female autism is often diagnosed late and misunderstood.
The most common autistic spectrum disorders (ASC) seen by health and education services are autistic disorder, also called childhood or classic autism, and Asperger’s syndrome (now known as high functioning autism). Autistic disorder is characterised by speech delay and signs of impaired social interaction, communication and imagination. Continue reading

Discovering your child has Autism

6 Mar

Virginia Bovell, Vice President of Ambitious about Autism, discusses how she first reacted to discovering her son Danny has autism 15 years ago. Continue reading

Arguments: THEIR perspective

5 Mar

Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member — from their perspective.’ I have arguments with staff all the time, because all the time I find they cannot see things from our students’ perspective.

If I look at it from the inside out, though, here is what I see: Continue reading

The autistic writing room

3 Feb

For a child with autism it depends what you want them to write, as to what kind of writing room is best. Continue reading