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Francesca learns the clarinet

11 Dec
It wasn’t long before Francesca realised that her heightened hearing made her VERY popular in the music classroom. She became a popular girl and EVERYONE wanted to be in her group. This did her confidence the world of good. It also meant she decided she wanted to learn the clarinet.
Oh my gosh, I thought, a blind clarinettist? There can’t be many of those!?! The visiting woodwind teacher refused to take her. Continue reading


22 Nov
It was my second year as a teacher, mainstream secondary music, year 7 and it’s their first lesson. It’s the first week of my new job, I have tried hard to make the classroom inviting and stimulating. I decide that a practical lesson is the way forward – make it fun, exciting, engaging; I’m feeling positive. I wait patiently, they all file in; sit down at tables facing me. One girl is still wearing her coat, only one. She sits calmly one row from the front, facing me and smiling gently, long, dark shiny hair, with a black streak running through. Continue reading