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Prison is better than this!!!

29 Dec
Nev was meant to start at the school last week. Instead he was at ‘her majesty’s pleasure’. He still got a look around – cuffed to the accompanying prison guard. Seemed like the most normal thing in the world to him, as did the electronic tag he wore when he started, almost like a trophy.
It’s difficult to see things from another person’s point of view sometimes, especially when that someone is only 13 and already in prison. Continue reading

Terry’s new transportation!

24 Dec

Terry rolls up at school this morning, actually early for a change. Seems cheerful, swans in saying

‘can you unlock the side gate ease, I need to put my bike in the bike shed?’
Sure, no problem we think. A teacher went outside then promptly came back in exclaiming .. Continue reading

The man from the fayre – a snapshot into a life.

25 Nov
I received an unexpected phone call. A new student. No file, no background, nothing. Lived with Dad, who seemed willing to co-operate and do the best he could. Jamie seemed like a typical teenager but was into things he shouldn’t be. We had him for a few months, that was all.
It turned out Dad wasn’t Dad after all. Jamie’s parents actually lived in another county, still happily married. Jamie’s ‘Dad’ was the ex-affair his mother had. It is unbelievable to think that he actually tried so hard with Jamie, considering he had no maternal connections. Continue reading