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Hostage in your own school: Brave NZ teachers

13 May

I was listening to this story in the car while driving today and its truly terrifying. I admire the teachers and staff in this school for keeping things under control throughout the siege under which they were placed.  Continue reading


Being a teacher

4 May

Love it.



26 Apr

I have mode to a new area, new school, and need to find a new house! That means I also need a new broadband connection! Continue reading

New needs, new learning curve

18 Apr

I have been learning new things lately. I whole new calibre of student, some who are none verbal. I haven’t ever covered that sort of needs before. Continue reading

Special Needs home: plans blocked by residents

9 Apr

This is a truly disgusting story, where residents are simply thinking about themselves, rather than thinking of inclusion within the community. Why does this not surprise me, coming from the North of England where the first BNP MEP was seated.

From a local Bolton Paper: NEIGHBOURS’ opposition to plans for sheltered accommodation for people with special needs has prompted developers to withdraw the proposals. Continue reading