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Confusing for doctors

2 Jan

a wonderful explanation of Autism from a mothers eyes.

Sleepless In Autism

For most people when they go to see their family doctor, treatments are standard and routine. That is not the case when you are a superhero. Doctors come into the room, look,  stare, question, wonder and then call in other doctors. It can become a regular sideshow. Many doctors are not experienced in working with superheroes. They try to take a one size fits all approach and this just does not work for superheroes.

Several years ago we met Dr. Happy. Yes – That is what he likes to be called. Autism Boy fell in love with Dr. Happy and his incredibly happy demeanor. He recognizes our needs and makes our visits a little easier. Nurse Happy is also a huge part of this. Before every visit (and due to a few medical conditions, we have a lot of them) she brings Autism Boy and Heavily Caffeinated Mom back to…

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Link 18 Dec

There is still nowhere near enough support for ASC students and young adults. I am not at all surprised by the findings of this report. Excellent blog.