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What on earth are the rules anyway?

20 Jan

Rules? They are just stupid. Well that is what an autistic child thinks.

I remember going through a social story with a boy who kept getting himself in trouble with his peers because he was touching and hugging people inappropriately. Continue reading


Does learning come easy?

19 Jan

I am going to take a slightly different slant to this daily post: 

Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.

Most of us just potter along with education, with life, with jobs, and just get on with it. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing unusual.  Continue reading

Reading faces

11 Jan

This is something that Autistic children find really difficult. I did a little exercise with them the other day. We had an interactive dice, which threw up pictures. They had to match the faces to the kind of expression they had. Continue reading